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just for the record... 1 year achieved...


Feels a little funny posting here as I've been away from this forum for so long, but just for the record, and who knows it may help someone... after 2 years and four months since I joined the no smoking day forums I have finally made it to 1 year smoke free. who'd have thought it...

So if anybody has been trying and keeps relapsing, then keep on going, reset that counter and start over, it can take a long time to learn a new way of living...

To everyone in the penthouse, thank you for showing the way and being here posting to let people know that there is a life after cigs.

Will post again at two years :) hasta la vista!

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Way to go Smoker my old buddy... I knew you'd join us in the penthouse eventually.

Proud of you :)


that's awesome 5mol<er! high five xx

Excellent, my, I hope this Penthouse is large, there are going to be so many of us in there.

Well done

Well done and I look forward to your 2 year post:)


So pleased, you've shown steely determination and achieved your forever quit.

Well done:)

Fi x

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