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Into week 3 now, and starting to feel better


Well I am into week 3 now, didnt go out at weekend after all.

Its been a tough couple of weeks with the coughing and muck coming out of my body, plus stopping smoking has brought my asthma back on, there have been times when I felt so rough that I nearly said sod this, is this all worth feeling this crap, but I have to say to anyone experiancing the same sort of things that I have been going through, just stick with it, these symptoms will go and you will start to feel better and realise that it is worth all the feeling crap, I know deep down that going through this for a few weeks, is much better than being ill somewhere down the line as a result of continuing to smoke.

Bit of a Monday morning ramble there, But just saying to you all, stick with it, there is light at the end of the tunnel :D

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Yay for us!! Munkey, what date did you give up? think we're all in same boat together!

I have also had a terrible cough, and at time felt like I could do with an inhaler (haven't suffered with Asthma for so long!),............and as for the amount and sight of what Ive coughed up ....bleurrrgggghhhhhhh!!

Must admit, today for no known reason, Ive felt 'thank god there are no cigs in the house', as Ive probably craved more today then ever.

No idea why though....not going to worry as I know I won't be buying any etc etc.......I must remember the reasons for giving up........the old phase...'Oh one won't hurt' has crossed my mind a couple of times today.....but then I haven't been very busy, which doesn't help really.

I MUST keep thinking of the money.....and my little one..

Im rambling now, sorry!!! LOL!

Yep, it's enough to put you off your pesto! Better out than in though and perfectly natural at this stage.

You're doing great guys, almost a month, stay strong and keep motoring on...


Isha,never ever ever allow the 'one wont hurt' to get any foothold,absolutely deadly don't go there so many failed quits founder on it :eek:

So that's where the imp got to! Haven't seen him for a few days. ISHA, give him a kick from me. And listen to Max (hi Max!), for what he says is so so true, knock out the thought as soon as it enters your head please!

Well done!!!! Keep it up!!!! We all know that life is soooooooo much better being a non smoker. It's all in the past; onwards and upwards ;)

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