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Warning this post contains TMI!!!

Ok firstly sorry for the post but needs must!!

I am on Champix, and have bad wind but also really bad constipation, despite the fybogel, fruit n fibre, fresh orange juice etc its getting really bad now, I have been twice in 3 weeks and dont want to go again as i may do myself an injury!!! also its that time of the month, i take the pill but so far nothing but a bad mood and severe stomach pains which i never usually get.

has anyone experienced any of this while on champix and can help?

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It is not the Champix

Hi Claramo, it's not the Champix... it is just quitting smoking, nicotine is a laxative. Did you ever light a cig and then need the loo? It triggers the bowel. It is something that settles down after a while but I have to say this quit my constipation has been really bad, the worst symptom I have had. Keep on the fybogel and the orange juice and anything else that will help and just be patient, that is all you can do. A visit to your GP might help too because they can prescribe something a bit stronger than Fybogel, they did for me.

You have my sympathy because it really is awful but temporary!


Claramo. Get a whole head of celery chop, simmer in chicken stock cube or just hot water. Whizz in blender.Eat/drink the lot. That helped me when I was in a state after an op and anaesthetic last year.

Failing that, as Haze says, I'd be seeing if your doc could get you on something to encourage bowel muscle to get moving. xx


Being constipated is just gonna make the wind worse....I know from nose curling experience :o but I never realised that it was a symptom of stopping smoking!!!

I'd heard people say that it's a side effect of taking Champix (which I've not taken) and I was starting to worry that there was something wrong with me cos I've been like this for a few weeks. Fybogel/cereal/juice hasn't helped me much either so I'll make a docs appointment and hopefully that'll sort me out and make me a bit more pleasant to live with.

Thanks for the post Claramo, really glad I read it. Hope you feel better soon.


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