Come on Day 5 .... IM READY AND ARMED!!

Feeling positive today ...(well so far!)....had no drinks last night, so feel good.....although sleeping was hard through constant coughing!! Hey ho, that's the nastiness getting I guess I welcome it!!

Ive got 3 toddler boys to look after today, and am looking forward to it! It will be a distraction....not sure if its a good distraction!! But a distraction still the same!!!

Good luck to all, keep busy and keep positive! xxxxx

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  • Oh my word! :eek:

    Good luck for today may need it!! :D

    One'll sleep well tonight..hehe

    Great to hear your positivity.....long may it last.

    Well done :)

    Take care


  • well your gonna have your work cut out today, so probably wont even think about smoking, good luck your doing well :)

  • Flipping heck, with 3 toddlers you're not going to have time to think about smoking!!

    Good luck :D

  • Oh also need to add to the 3 toddlers boys, a staff....that appears to have a flatulance issue! I can confirm that my sense of smell has definitely returned!!! Bleurrghhh!!! X

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