Day 7 you beauty!!!!

I have to say a big thank you to every one who has posted.

The positivity and support supplied on this board is fantastic.

I am almost at the end of my first week, and i cant believe it, i dont think I would have made it without you all.

To all you lurkers out there( i was one myself for a few weeks) or to anyone who has not yet decided to quit, all i can say is go for it, make a date and give it a try, its easy to say I will stop next week but as smokers we never do, there is always a stressful event or other obstacles we put in our way.

I am by no means there but I will suceed.



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  • Well Done

    Yeeeehar Daz!

    What a fabulously encouraging post!

    Your right though, with the right mind frame we can all succeed!

    I was a lurker too... best thing i ever did was join the forum, i'd never have got as far without it. :D


  • Daz,

    Yes, it's good here ain't it! 7 days, well done, may this be the one for you!

    Fi x

  • Well done Daz

    Its looks like you have your head in exactly the place where it needs to be! :cool: :)

    Long may it continue for you

    all the best


  • Well done Daz! In to the week 2! :)

    Mel :)

  • Well done Daz, Week 2!!!! The forum is such a help!!!!

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