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Day 2... again

Well guys I got through day 1 with no problems at all. I thought about smoking maybe 4 times. This is one side of the flu that I can deal with. The fact that it is sitting in my chest and throat means that I really don't want a cigarette. The patches are also helping to deal with the physical cravings. I can't see it taking to long to be back to the way I was. I just hope that the flu starts to lift and I fell better soon. Then it's just about following the steps on the patches to get to the end. If it wasn't for the flu I would feel like I am in a very good place right now. Ah well, hopefully this is the end of the run of bad and the start of the good.

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Hi Mark, hope your flu goes away quickly. I didn't use the patches for as long as I was supposed to. You'll soon be back on track.



Go Mark,

Good that your doing so well.

Enjoy all of the feelings of this quit, cos its your last one matey! ;) xx


I am also glad to say that I have not needed to use mt back up Quickmist Spray yet. Hopefully that means that this is the real deal. I will hold on to the spray tho as I don't want to do the full 12 weeks on the patches. The idea is to do 1 week step 1, 2 weeks step 2 and 2 weeks step 3 then use the spray over the next week to come completely off. The ideal would be 1 week on each step but I'll play it by ear on that one.


Mark, I found the hardest was going from step 1 to step 2. When I got to step 3 I did one week and cut the patches in half. Went 4 days and cut them in half again. Didn't really notice any difference.



Hi Mark

Well done on day 2!

I used patches for two weeks, stage 2 patches I think. Then I decided that I would get the gum and just have it for emergencies!It is working really well. I have tried to stop before but always had to have some kind of replacement, this time feels different, something in my brain has decided its time to stop, so even with the bad cravings, I know I wont give the moment anyway, day by day.

It sound like you are having the same feelings......

Stay strong

Marie xx


Well done Felic, keep going :-)


Well done Felic. One step closer to being a non smoker. Keep at it and keep us up to date on your progress.


Glad to hear you're still going well! Sadly I don't seem to have the OCD cleaning side effect, maybe it will kick in soon lol!

We have a group of November quitters if you'd like to join, where there are quitters at a similar stage to you - click on quick links then social groups.

Karen :-)


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