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why do i still feel crap?


I gave up 6 months ago, and supposedly so did my husband. We gave up for financial reasons, not because we wanted to. I found out a few weeks ago that he had been lying to me and smoking in work, even though I had asked him over and over again (I could smell it). He said he would try again. He was smoking again last week, and lied again and said he had pinched one off someone. he hadnt. he had bought them and been smoking all week.

He has just come in stinking of fags.

I gave up booze 5 years ago as I had to. I am a teetotal, wheat intolerant vegan, who is so depressed and fed up, I feel like just going and buying a packet of fags.

I have had enough.


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Hi Jane, If you do go and buy some fags it WONT make anything better. It is unfortunate that your hubby has been somoking behind your back but that is HIM and not YOU you are what is important and your health and well being. You sound as if you may be a bit depressed go and visit your GP and explain how you are feeling see if he/she can help but dont just go and but cigs it really would not be the answer. You ask why do I still feel bad? Well that could be something to do with your frame of mind and the GP will be able to help you I am sure. Good luck keep us posted and PLEASE dont give in after 6 months!

Hi Jane, don't give up now. You've done so well to get to 6 months and you know smoking won't help at all. Will only make things worse and you don't want to start all over again.

He is the loser for continuing to smoke. Show him you can do it!!!

Well Jane, that was from the heart, and my heart goes out to you.

Please, please don't start smoking again, I think it will make you feel even more fed up. 6 months is an amazing quit, so you should be so proud. Have a nice relaxing bath, and an early night and things may look brighter in the morning.

Fi x

Thank you

Thanks to you all for the support. It's what I need right now.


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