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The Highs ..... and Lows!

Afternoon all

Well I had a brilliant weekend and a fantastic morning this morning.

I actually believe in my heart that I am beating this monster!

But, as people have said before, what a rollercoaster ride!

I felt sooo good this morning it was ridculous!

I wanted to sing and shout it from the rooftops that I've stopped! I mean it really did feel unbelievably good!

But then about an hour ago I had a massive slump! :(

I mean major depression.

It wasn't a crave I just felt so empty and sad...

Is this quite normal peeps?

Is it just another thing to get through?

I must admit as I'm typing this I'm starting to feel better about myself again. Perhaps its just a biological thing?

I assume the brain isn't supposed to be that happy all the time or on a constant high and just pulls itself back down again?!?

Anyway, time for something to eat and look at some pictures of my new bike while I wait for it to be delivered! hehe!

Take care all


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Well done so far, you've done brilliantly!

Yes what you are experiencing has happened to many of us.

sometimes it sneaks up on you, clobbers you and tries to convince you that your lonely without your mate Nick O'Teen, your not though, he was a toxic pal and your best off rid. If you saw him in the street you'd walk the other way, he's smelly and robs you of your wages! :eek:

Keep busy when the cravings strike, your bike'll be a good distraction, emphasises how much more you'll be able to breathe as well.

Come on here, read read read and post post post, good and bad... its all cool!

Good luck matey... your a winner! x :D


Hi Greg,

During my low points a open my spreadsheet and look at the amount of cash I have saved and the amount of cigs I haven't smokedit always makes me feel better.

Stay strong,




Empty and sad. Yep, I can certainly relate to that, (as can most of us). I felt that way last weekend, it's a peculiar feeling, I took myself off to bed for a few hours and felt the better of it and have been fine since.

Rollercoasters, flippin hate them!

Fi x


That all sounds very normal Nifty and very temporary believe me. Keep going and you will see I am right.:)


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