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successful weekend

Well into day four now i am so chuffed with myself as i have gone all weekend without a single puff.I like to have a few cheeky drinks over the weekend with my wife and it always involved standing at the back door smoking most of the evening away whilst asking my wife to shout alittle louder because i couldnt here what she was saying,so to go a full weekend without one is a massive bonus for me and my family and to top it off i woke this morning and i actually smelt ok (alittle morning breath....well alot)so today i go back to work and the best thing is that they banned smoking on the premises two months ago so that will help too.Keep positive everyone and i wish you all the best in staying free.:):):)

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well done, another hurdle overcome..

Bet it was cold standing at the back door whilst you were warm and comfy.

Good luck for today and the rest of the week.


Yes dazza it can get cold at times the worse thing is that my wife doesn't smoke and the smell drifts into the house so i can imagine its not very pleasant for her and my two year old little girl,also when its chucking it down you end up drenched.I'm using champix tablets and they really are doing the trick cheers dazza for the reply these forums really help keep people like me going and you going.


Well Done

Hi Steeza I just wanted to say you've probably passed the biggest test ever so well done! Go out and treat yourself - you deserve it :D


That is a big hurdle Steeza. I struggled with weekends in the early days I dont give it a thought nowadays. Well done and keep it going for you your lovely wife and daughter. Lots of really good reasons to stay quit:)


Way to go Steeza, well done!

Fi x


Cheers everyone i will stay strong and keep going


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