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Got past week 3!!!

Apparently week 3 is a physiological tripping point for many quitter’s. I feel lucky to have avoided that as this was the easiest week so far. Bit of a slip back into restless nights but fine now. Roll on week 4 and the final week of Stoptober. No going back after that.

Presume I go onto the month 1 forum now for a week (why its not called week 4 is beyond me)

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Well done, coming up for a month, you are doing so well. Hope this is the one!

Fi x


Well done on nearly a month quit. You have done brilliantly!:)


Thanks guys. Your comments and this forum make all the difference (along with the distractions Karri lol x)



Whoop Whoop...:D doing gooooooooooood keep you plodding on :D


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