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A Quarter Mile

By this point in my quit, the cigarettes that I have NOT smoked would, if I had them to work with, stretch out for about a quarter mile, laid end to end.

A quarter mile.

That's one lap around the track at an American football field.

The last time I smoked was for about 6 years, following a spat with my daughter. (See what just having ONE cigarette can lead to?)

So, I smoked nearly 2 and 1/2 miles of cigarettes before quitting this time. This was the third long-term smoking period for me. Prior to that I had smoked for 13 and 7 years, interrupted by several years of being an ex-smoker.

I'm not sure what any of these numbers mean, to be honest, except that it feels good to have a quarter-mile of unsmoked cigarettes among my stats.

Newbies - don't give up! This can be your story in a very short while!

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