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day 4 not nice

I have had about 10 hours sleep in these 4 days since I have quit. I have felt nausea since the start. Some how I have still been working my night shifts on minimal sleep. I have never had any problems sleeping and its worrying me a bit as I have MS and its making all my symptoms flare up. I have tryed herbal sleeping tablets and lavender etc etc and I am still not sleeping. Help how long does the not sleeping last??

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lolly, some people do struggle with sleep. ive read that an awful lot on here. Some people have some wild dreams too. Im afraid there is no way of saying when it will stop for you.

As i said on the other thread, you seem like one tough and determined person so please stick with it. I think in light of your MS you should pay a visit to your GP just so you get the right advice and help.

good luck


I am a nurse myself so I am quite good at checking myself and the lack of sleep bothers me as I feel lousy and although it won't cause a relapse it just makes things really hard and when you are tired you are more likely to have a fag. But I won't smoke again because I am in a living hell and I can't wait for it to get better. Goodness knows what the fags were doing to me if cold turkey is this bad. On wards and upwards


Hey Lolly it does get better, it did for me anyway as a fellow CT quitter, but I can only speak for myself; the only sleep issues I had though were dreams when I'd had a fag then woke up to realise I hadn't and was just relieved

If you're worried about certain things though, then maybe a visit to your GP might be in order? Would set your mind at rest at any rate! I know a lot of people go to get checked out when they quit, all part of the healing process ;)

Keep it up though, day 4? You're doing wonderfully well.



Well done on reaching day 4, you're a star! It's not good suffering from insomnia, especially for yourself working long shifts. I'm coming up for my 6th week into my quit and didn't sleep well for first few weeks, very busy in my dreams too. I know we're all unique, but I can say that for myself, my normal sleep pattern has now resumed, so hopefully yours will too.

Fi x


Goodness knows what the fags were doing to me if cold turkey is this bad. On wards and upwards

This is a really thought provoking comment. I like it.


day 5

Have just gone and got the lowest patch they do. 5mg. I need sleep and its still better than smoking. I yet angain have got only 2 hours sleep after a night shift but have just put on the patch and am hoping to be able to get a few hours in before my night shift tonight!!! wish me luck.


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