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Don't quit the way I did

I smoked for almost 40 years and stopped in February 2006 when I had my first heart attack. I was fitted with 5 stents but unfortunately the damage smoking did to me caused me to have another 2 heart attacks in 2009. I needed a quadruple bypass operation which has thankfully pretty much restored my health. I'm posting this to try to persuade people not to make the mistake I did by thinking it will never happen to them.

No matter how hard it is to stop while you're healthy, it's much better than waiting till you have no choice.

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hey snapper, many many thanks for sharing this. A stark reminder of the harsh reality of smoking and the associated invincibilty syndrome.


It's a stark fact that the smoking game will kill 50% of its participants.

The denial part of the rules means that the players tend to assume that they're on the winning side until that awful day when they discover they're not.

The above only applies to those who are conscious of their mortality.

Youngsters seem to wear the red Marlboro cloak of invincibility regardless and seem to be convinced that they can live life on the edge and die young. :(


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