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day 2 in hell

I have read the book and thrown away the fags yesterday. But allen carr didn't mention much about withdrawal from the dreaded weed. I have felt sick and shitty since stopping. I didn't sleep last night and all I can think about is not giving in. I have just brought some sea sickness bands. Well they worked for morning sickness when I was pregnant. I can't believe how ill I feel. Please someone tell me this will all be over soon and I will be a happy non smoker!!!

laura xx

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keep at it

If you are going cold turkey then your withdrawel will be severe but fast:)

take evry day as it comes and you will feel better end of first week.The best way to tackle a crave is do something like brush teeth,drink water,write in a diary all the reasons you have given up fags or just come on here and people will help you through it........vent your rage and frustrations out.

You are doing better than you give yourself credit for......keep going:D


feeling better

I am going to stick at it carol. I just can't wait for it to get easier and the nausea to stop. Its a good job I am doing this whist still on weight watchers. I only have 8llb to go till my 5 stone target loss. I am so hungery and Its taking all my willpower to stop myself smoking and over eating.


hay Laura

It will get easier the 1st week can be a bit grrrrrr hang in there, have a good read of the boards and it will help put your mind at rest you are not the only one going through whatever side effect has hit you

You doing great hang in there :D


Laura, you're doing great. I think days 2 and 3 were my hardest. You hit a wall and sometimes you have to feel worse to get better.

I have found myself eating more and not looking particuarly good at the moment, you've done well losing the 5 stone and from what I remember you would have to put all that back on to counteract the damage to your health from smoking.


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