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MY Poem

Hey Guys, I stopped smoking 4 months ago, but here is a poem a posted on Facebook around the two week mark, it will either make you laugh or make you think I had lost marbles,( which is what my sister thought :D

Dear Ciggy,

it has been exactly two weeks since we have last met.

I still miss you, and when I see you with other people in the street,

I want to grab you and take you home with me.

But my life has changed Ciggy,

I am now 90 pound richer,

my house has never been cleaner

and I can speak to people without putting my hand over my mouth!!!

So farewell my old friend, may we never meet again!

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Love it. You got me thinking and so I am now off to work out how much money I have saved :)


i love it, and its very true :D


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