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Stop Smoking Apps

Hi All,

I've now managed (nearly) a month as a non-smoker, cold turkey and just wanted to say that one thing that has greatly helped me is a modern twist on the old classic to put money aside that you would normally spend on cigarettes.

I've got an iphone (but am sure there are plenty of apps for all modern devices) called 'Since iQuit'. It's a great little app where you put in when you stopped, how many you smoked and how much they cost and it gives you live updates of how long you've stopped for and how much you've saved.

The reason I got the app is because physically putting the money aside (or even transfering into a savings account or something) wasn't a positive option to me. Having to force myself to think about every time I would have bought cigarettes, going out of my way to put money aside plus then dipping into that money to buy something (thus not really having an accurate figure of how much you've saved).

With this, you check it if you're a) interested or b) struggling and it's an instant "boom - you've saved this much and you've stopped for this long".

Hopefully other people will find similar apps useful!

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I have that app too. I've saved 1386 GBP


Crazy isn't it! I don't know if it's just me, but seeing it as a real saving figure (especially being as most of us now deal with our bank balances in numbers) really hits home stronger


It certainly does. I had decorators in and my lounge and hall done including new carpets. Next on the list is a new bathroom all from money that would have just gone up in smoke :):cool:


LOL. When i have put enough money away to buy a smart phone from my stop smoking fund will definately get the app. Be nice to have a new one instead of the brick I'm using at the moment!


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