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1st Week Done!!!


So pleased to have completed my first week but ironically cravings have been tough today so much so I bought an inhalator to add to my lozenge collection.

Now becoming concerned I'll spend more on NRT then I did on smoking!!! :eek:

Still so proud I've reached my first week and long may it continue!

I now starting to enjoy my new lung capacity and the fact I don't stink anymore or have to put up with the wrath of my other half :D

Stay strong all.


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Well done Johnny you are over the worst wk!There will be mant times the crave sneaks up on you but having gone a wk you know what to expect.........:D

Well done!

I'm sure you'll find the NRT thats right for you soon!


Week 1 done! Congrats. If feel you need to use the inhalator, you can sign up at any Pharmacy for the Smoking Cessation Program and you will get NRT for free.

Fi x

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