No Smoking Day
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Out of the blue -

Yuch - had a smoking dream last night. In the dream - had just come out of a night club and had a cigarette and my head was saying 'it's only one - no harm in that'...just shows doesn't it.

But the thing is that I woke up with the taste of cigarettes in my mouth - probably doesn't help that I have a wee bit of a hangover (too much red wine last night :rolleyes:) - but just have the feeling that I smoked about 40 cigarettes - it feels pretty foul to be honest but thankfully it's not real :D

Good to have these dreams from time to time - just helps keeps up the old guard...

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red red wine you make me feel so fine!

Ha ha fellie, hope your sore head has eased a bit now!

I havent had a smoking dream but can only imagine the relief when you woke up. The closest i can come up with is when i once got up and drove half way to work and then realised it was a saturday ! cool!!!!! :);):);)


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