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Week 5 today


5 days today, bit shaky yesterday.

I was feeling very sad and low yesterday, even had a lump in my throat and a feeling that something bad was going to happen. Even took myself off to bed in the afternoon cos I felt so sorry for myself! I was wondering if it was because I had my first proper night out and I doubted myself if I would be able to keep up my quit going.

However, a smashing night was had by all. It was a Thai Dinner Dance, the food was amazing (I'm a foodie) and the entertainment was very colourful, Thai people are so warm, friendly and happy (my sister in law is from Thailand and shes lovely).

So, I'm pleased to say I danced the night away without puffing, neither on the dance floor!!! or with my ex Mr Silk Cut.

Today's been a queit day, started the day off with a long walk along the beach with Meggie, cooked brekkie and have spent most of the day with feet up in front of telly. Watched tennis, (huge tennis fan) my Andy lost tho:( Then caught up with recordings of Strictly and X Factor followed by a Sunday Roast. Tonight, it's Downtown Abbey and Homeland. All and all a nice relaxing Sunday.

I hope everyone's had a good weekends and are doing well in their quit.

Fi x

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Sounds like a lovely day that does Nutmeg! Hope you enjoyed it!


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