No Smoking Day
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and on to week two

Well I have made it further than any other attempt at giving up.

Only one draw back is still the lack of sleep Wich is making me feel very unwell and not to mention ratty with everyone.I seam to get to sleep without and problems but it's the waking up every fourty minutes to one hour then staying awake for a while. Also the dreams I have been having at times felt so real I am not sure if I have done things or dreamt it.

I have over come the sick feeling in the morning after taking champix but now the evening one is leaving me feel really rough. But not sure if its just the champix s or champix and been very tired.

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Well done to you for reaching Week 2. I can appreciate what you mean by be sleepness nights, I didn't sleep well the first few weeks, like you constantly waking and when I did sleep I was really busy in my dreams!! I felt shattered!

My insomnia has now passed now (week 5), so hopefully yours will too.

Fi x


I hope they do not sleeping and 12 hrs shift are all but killing me. But then so was smoking 20 a day.


Well done Kazzle, you should be very proud of yourself - im in day 14 now adn sleep is better and the very bazaar dreams have stopped ...phew thank god!! Got so fed up waking up turfing my bed upside down looking for a cig I had dropped in my sleep ...I never smoked indoors let alone in my bedroom !!! :eek:

Keep going and I really hope you get a good nights sleep soon...They are a killer eh


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