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Just got very emotional!

Knowing I've stopped smoking

I'm absolutely over the moon with myself.

I've started day 9 now.

I went cinema today and lot's of men were smoking, my partner said "don't look" (I did :p) and in all honesty, it was no bother.

I'm not saying I'm cured, my cravings still hurt me like a bitch, but they are so bearable.

Found out my runny nose was my allergies haha took some medicine for it and it's fine now!

Very happy at the moment, life is going very well!

Good luck today everyone <3

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hi striker, i know how you feel. Emotions can run high when quitting, its the fact that you have changed the habit of a lifetime and done something you so so so so so so desperately wanted to do taking over you.

im so happy for you my friend..... keep going.

I'm glad the runny nose has gone.

Being emotional is normal, you are losing part of your identity and means making lifestyle changes and developing a new identity as a non smoker.

Hope you are feeling better today.

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