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No Smoking Day
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Back here again!!!

Hello to all new and old, I am back again to try and stop smoking.

I haven't had a death stick since this morning and have just finished reading Allen Carr Easy way to stop smoking.

I can't promise anything more than to give it my best! My uncle has given up and he was smoking like 40-50 rollies a day, so my thing is if he can then I can at least try!!!

Anyhoo almost day two so maybe I should have posted this in there hahahah

love and stuff Woo x

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Welcome back Woo... and well done for getting back on the wagon.

You can do this!

Hel x


hey woo, good luck this time around and congratulations for trying again. Thats all you can do is keep trying.

All the best


Hi woo,

I am on day one last cig was 11pm last night, and so far so good. When I tried to quit last year I had the Allen Carr book. It was very good. Makes you think, think its helping me this time too, the bits I remember. I will have to find my copy, think I might have given it away though :(

Good luck for the rest of your quit


Hey Woo

I'm with Una on that one, trying your best is the way to go.

Fi x


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