today has been a good day

Today has been a lot better last night i hit a low just sat balling my eyes out to a bloody tv advert.

This has been the longest time i have been with out a ciggy since my teens wich i am proud off. And fingers crossed the effect of champix has died down not so nauseous today and found a full fat coke eased the headache a bit . Roll on tomorrow :D

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  • Well done Kazzle glad you feel better today. That is how it is at first a bit up and down but you will get there. Hope tommorow is as good for you!:)

  • Good job!

    Good job and keep up the good progress.

  • hey kazzle, with you all the way. Just take each day at a time and try not to look too far ahead.... there be dragons there.....:)

  • I'm with Haze on this - emotions all over the place. The John Lewis advert destroyed me!

    It does get better, it really does so stick with it and take it a day, hour or minute at a time if you have to.

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