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No Smoking Day
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1st day again!

So here we go again on day one.It all started last night when I was smoking before I went to a martial arts class! What an idiot I thought and basically have not smoked since. Its now been 24 hours and I have an e-cig in my pocket and an emergency patch but would rather not use either.Please,please,please wish me luck,strength,will power and anything else to get me through this as getting fed up with day 1's and need to get to day 1000! I'm new to this site and must say its absolutely brilliant so good luck to everyone else quitting and posting!

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I wish you luck, strength, willpower and every fabby non smokey thing possible to be wished. You want to do this Jonny. Therefore you can. You can. Keep posting here. I am.....well was.......the worlds foremost, most proffesional committed smoker. My name was Smoke....smoke...smoke some more...smokey smokey....faggy ...smoke lass. I did it. So anyone can do it. Stay with us. We'll all be here with you. :)


hey Johnny well done an your first 24 hours. It may well be crappy for a few days as your body gets used to not having nicotene but it will pass - as it does for everyone who sticks with it.

Keep coming on here, and others like it, and telling it how it is, good or bad. Sharing it helps to keep you away from the fag. Oh and keep it one day at a time, 1000 is a helluva high target but doing it until you go to bed tonight - piece of p**s!

All the best


Hay Jonny...welcome and well done!! The best decision you will ever make :D

These boards are a wealth of information... whatever you are feeling you can guarantee tons of other people have experienced it too... so you never feel alone and always someone to talk to ...Hang in there you can do it :D


Hi Jonny, you have made the best decision of your life to quit smoking and you have come to the right place to do it we will all support you and advise you. You also get to read Dippys responses to your posts.:) Worth joining for she is hilarious!


Go Jonny...go go go

Go Jonny.Forget about all the other quit fails and make this the one that works.You can do it.....this forum will help you do it good luck:D


Thanks all

Hi Guys,

Thanks all for such encouragement! Feeling o.k and this site and your kind words are helping without a doubt. I have not really had a bad moment as yet but I will be ready for it if Mr Pang turns up! My focus is on my kids and my fitness and anything else is a bonus so again thank you one and all. The quest continues.....!



Forgive the moan but it's tough right now and I'm upset with myself as I have just sucked down some e-cig:(

Should be ok but to be honest I am annoyed :mad:

Guess its better then a real cig though .

Thank god for this site as an outlet as feel like I want to smash the worlds face in right now !



hay dont beat yourself up Jonny..lots are using e cigs to give up the real things... you are ok :D I have the lozenges some have patches and gum.

You are doing great keep plodding on and smash a pillow a few times instead ...just call it boxersise :D


Well John i wish you the best ! It's my first day i stopped smoking today.

I have quited smoking cigarettes a few years ago but i was to dumb to start again because my GF was a smoker.

John how are you feeling today ? Is the e cigarette a good emergency ?


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