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Day 7/ 1 Week


So, here is the seventh day. I actually feel great today - upbeat, productive, and so on. I'm not taking that for granted - I know the pangs and the craves and creeps will come back in some form, but today I feel good. I feel proud of myself - not in an arrogant way, but for being resolute and erasing something harmful from my life.

I wanted to say, it's something I've noted a lot of other people saying too - this time really does feel different. I tried to quit before, but I don't think I truly wanted to. Now I truly do, and having this forum has been such a great help - it stops you feeling isolated, like you're going through the whole thing alone. It's amazing to see so many people all supporting each other, through the best and the worst of the whole process.

Thank you to everyone!

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Well done on getting to the end of the first week, that's a really big achievement! Glad you're feeling so positive about things. Long may it continue. You're quite right that most - if not all - of us on here tried a few times before finding our 'sticky quit' and really wanting to do it (as opposed to feeling like you ought to) is a massive help.

Keep doing what you're doing, it's obviously working! :D


Well done you. :D

All I can say is keep it up and a successful week 2.

Fantastic.....the first week is always the tricky one.


Well done on that first week quit! You are well on your way now and wanting to quit is half the battle. Great that you are so positive aswell. Keep on keeping on!:)

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