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Last day on this board

Well I've made it through the weekend. The e cig made its debut on Saturday night as caved in to a glass or two of wine. Unfortunately my brain equals glass in one hand, cig in another. But its not cheating to use one, is it. Bonus of no smoking, no hangover on Sunday morning. :cool:

Anyhow yesterday seemed a lot easier, didn't crave much all day and to be honest I'm a bit scared of what they will taste like now. I'mm telliing myself they are going to be foul.

So just today to get through and then I'll be moving down another board. Felllow stoptobers hows it going?

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Great stuff, you are doing really well.


yay! Well Done!

I got through the weekend fine as well... quite excited about passing the week mark, the longest I've ever done was 8 days before, so I'm nervous until I get there, but somehow it feels different this time????


ive had other attempts and failed... this time is different.. i want to, need to, am going to!! This board makes a difference, i would have bought a pack on friday just because i was worried about how i would feel if it wasnt for this board, wobbles can be talked through and people at all stages of quiting offer the best advice!! :)


Glad everyone else is getting on well.

Did you have a good time Ican?

I don't knwo why but it feels different for me this time. In previous attempts I was always feeling I was missing out. The only thing I've been missing out on is all the little treats I could buy myself.

The nice holiday every 2 years I could afford for the family with the money saved. Over the 17 years I've been smoking on and off I've probably speInt in the region of £12k on cigarettes. The price of a new car, 4 family holidays abroad or a deposit on a house. Money that has literally gone up in smoke.

If I don't smoke over the next 17 years I'll be well and wealthy enough to have them and enjoy them.


Had a great time cheers forever, thats a great outlook by the way and one i am going to use!!


Well done - the more "firsts" you overcome without a fag the better. I don't believe aids are cheating for those early days.

I used gum for the first 3 weeks or so before knocking all NRT on the head and if I hadn't I don't think I would have got through. Horses for courses I guess.


Awesome work, boss. YOU GO!


Thanks, I'm only using the e cig for the really difficult times. I want to relearn my behaviour and to be honest it keeps you thinking you are smoking so could become a bit of a crutch to smoking. IYSWIM.


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