No Smoking Day
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I slept!!!!

...for the 1st time in 6 days (on 7th day now) I slept right through the night ...Not counting my chickens just yet tho.... it was probably the wine!! :D

Yesterday was a back to front day, felt lifeless all day, and didnt know what to do with myself, didn't want to stand up but didn't want to sit down, I was up and down in and out of every room doing nothing like a caged animal...but by 8pm I parked myself infront of the tv with a dvd, bottle of wine, mangetout, celery, dips and bread sticks

1st drink since no smoking as was scared to have one ...I am also dreading the pub... not attempted the pub yet!! But my theory is if I can quite happily have a few drinks at home and get used to no fag breaks out side I can battle the pub...

Woke up this morning full of the joys of spring! and have actually accomplished a few things this morning (unlike yesterday) washing on the line, windows cleaned and once the grass has dried out a bit thats getting cut.... how lush is that now going to smell now I have a sense of smell back :D

last day in here... then moving onto the week 2 section... yayyyyyy who coming???

Keep up the good work everyone we can do this

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Yay! So pleased for you that you got some sleep... it will definatley help you feel more normal wont it!

I'm a day behind you (Day 6 today) but I'll see you in the next section soon!


Bubb... I feel like a new woman today and looking forward to the next week... see you there soon...keep going :D

It liberating to have a good sleep eh Josivi ...kinda felt the same as when my son 1st slept through the night when he was a baby!! haha :D


shall we move on..

Hey folks, shall we get off onto the second week forum now... :)

cant believe it... its been emotional but we are in our second week!!

well done!!


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