No Smoking Day
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This time is serious

Hi all, I wanted to log in and post as I have just had my last cigarette, got some gum just in case, and hope this works!

Life has given me one knock after the other this year, but now it is time to grab life by the horns and let it know I AM IN CHARGE.

The past few months I have been hiding behind both alcohol and cigarettes and I deserve better.

So, 6 year relationship ended, serious health problems, death of loved ones...enough already! Smoking is NOT helping...what will help is showing everyone and everything that I am in control and I deserve better....

So, new man, new apartment, new career in the works (graduate with a nursing degree in May) and new me!

Here goes, wish me luck!

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:D way-to-go genes...woohoooo go you!!! life can be a biatch when that sledge hammer is swinging our way and sometimes its not enough to duck, we need to grab it out of lifes hands and smack it right back....good for you for taking charge ...its onward and upwards from here with such a positive attitude that I have just read .. you can do it :D


Hey Genes

Well that last sentence was very assertive! Way to go!

Fi x


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