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Oh My Days.... 91 in fact, goodbye Month 3, Helloooo Month 4!

Well Good Evening my forum friends,

It's been some time since I posted on here with an update... Case of back to school and being kept busy! So busy, that the thoughts of lighting up are so few and far between that it all seems like a very bad nightmare that I was once a smoker!

I had a hen to go to last Saturday, with plenty of smokers in the party and all I remember was the fact that they kept disappearing every half hour (once the strip show was over!) and then coming back smelling of stale tobacco... I was looking in the mirror at myself!!! Just grateful to be on the other side now, a spectator looking on and waving 'bye' to the old me and embracing the new Mimi.

Health wise, the tingling has subsided to the point where I don't remember the last time I had a bout of it, the Vit B and Folic Acid bloods came back normal, so I am definately putting it down to quitting. I also am feel up and down, on and off energy wise. One week I'm full of beans and then the next, knackered and having early evening naps! The worst side effect though that I am still having to contend with, is the PND!

BUT, none of it is as bad as smoking! So, I'm not complaining!!!

I've also treated myself to a designer watch from the money that I have saved and once all my dental treatment has finished, I'm going to get my teeth whitened, so the glow in the dark, even when I'm frowning!!!

I now look forward to 6 months of being smoke free, half way to the penthouse, and another treat to myself nicely linked in with Christmas and my Birthday!!

Anyway, thank you for letting me rest my head in this warm cosy welcoming room that will be home to me for the next 2 months at least.

Good Luck to all on this Forum, whatever stage you're at, even if all your doing is pondering on thd thought of quitting... I truly believe that the more you ponder the better you are at succeeding, it's as if your training your brain for the big change! But, also remember NOT to ponder too long, for life is too short! In all honesty, I was stupid to start smoking but I was even more of a fool not to give up sooner!!! Although BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!

Thank you to all for your support and don't give up, giving up.

Mimi xx

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Lovely post Mimi, That sounds like a success story in the making Well done. :)


I loved reading that Mimi. Really loved it.

Thanks you so much. You are my new hero. :) xx


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