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Made it !!!!

Oooo Weeee was a very unsettled night to say the least, bad cravings woke me at 3am... was so bright outside (full moon) that sent me all disorientated ... cravings pick their moments to come and slap you eh....How dare it disturb my sleep when I have to be up for work haha!!

Thought today was going to be a pig of a day after last night .. but again survived the girls going out for their smoke between clients and only once did I feel it today but resisted!!!! .... so proud of myself.. and made it over half the week woohooooooooooo 4 days down 3 to go for a whole week!!!! Well chuffed!!

Reading this board really does help - you are all doing so well and you long term quitters are an inspiration reading your early day posts hearing your journey is proof we ALL CAN do this....

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Well done!! i was exactly same, previous nights couldnt get to sleep and woke up late, last night woke up at silly o clock grrr. Dreading the day but it turned out ok.. like yours! lets see what tonight brings.....


Thank you :-) ...Im keeping in my head that it's going to get worse before it gets fully I'm prepared and keeping strong for it... and if it doesn't get worse then its a result lol, after lasts night's 3am episode Im ready for it!!

It will be ok tonight... you are doing great keep it up :-) - seems it will try anything to break whatever tinme... it will get fed up and bog off at some stage lol


lol.. lets hope so! If it doesnt bog off i fear for my dog who seems to have become much more irritating today! i feel for you having smokers at work, i have 2 other working for me who have stopped with me so we are in it together.. bloody atmospheres a bit dodgy for any visitors ;) keep it up, closer to a week than day 1 now!!!


Well done to both of you! Keep it going! soon will be a week done!:)


LOL... yup!! My 2 cats are a bit like that and seem to be "there" everytime I turn around... ... I think they KNOW!! and figured if they craze me and get under my feet I will forget about the craving.....LOL :D

Thanks Haze... getting there...... I will be celebrating with a bottle of Zinfandel Sunday night... LOL


It's really exciting reading the Stoptober quitters... knowing that soon they are going to be reaching the end of the first week.

Well done guys and keep going... very soon the most intense week (in terms of withdrawal and cravings) will be under your belt.



lol Thanks Lauren as strange as it may sound ... its exciting being part of it - knowing you are not fighting it alone - its just as exciting reading all you guys posts further on ...its gives us all hope :-)

There are 100's of Stoptobers on the NHS smokefree facebook page...its just such a shame the page gets rouged with "trolls" trying to spoil it...I did post this groups link on there to get some over here but it gets lost so quickly with so many people posting :-( shame really as this site is so helpful


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