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starting my quite journey

hi all i am karen started on varenicline (champix) on sunday so almost a week in still smoking but have cut back a lot to what i was smoking this time last week, i have set total quit day as sunday 7th. I have found with the pills i feel sick for about ten mins after having a ciggie and have even got half way threw one and thought i don't fancy this so it can only be a good thing.

I have tried many times by many mean to quit in the past but never with the help of my gp always been over the counter or cold turkey all attempts have either failed because the cravings got to bad or i became a total nightmare to live with.

Looking forward to going threw my journey with as much help as possible so this time its for good

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Hang in there.

Keep that goal of Sun 7th quitday in your mind. It's important to set small acheivable goals in the first few days

Make sure that when you wake up on that day you keep us all posted as to your progress. We'll be here.


First off...welcome to the group!!!

We have all been where you are now. Just keep your goal in the front of your mind at all times. It is a good thing you are doing and whatever way you achieve that goal is just fine.

Come on here as much as you need. Talk, ask questions, scream, rant and whatever you need to, just stay quit!!! Good luck and we are all rooting for you!!! ppat


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