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No Smoking Day
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Symbolic action (for me anyway)

Just starting day 4 and decided that the cigs in my cupboard (i had kept some as i was scared of feeling out of control, if i had some it was my choice not to smoke them) were getting binned. I have realised that i dont need them in the cupboard to feel in control. If i want one i can just go to the shop and buy some. I am never going to do that!!

Anyway i gathered the kids in the kitchen and explained that they were the last cigs i will ever touch, ripped them up and pinged them in the bin.. followed by 2 lighters. I then promised them that i would never smoke again. It was really symbolic for me and quite emotional but they were just looking at me like "what the hell is Daddy on about". Oh well, it worked for me and great start to day 4. Bring it on!!

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