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Moving day

It's moving day for me from month 2 to month 3.

Very happy to be here and will make myself comfortable for the next month.

Went a whole day at work and didn't think once about smoking until I got in my car to come home and experienced a slight craving.

Feeling easier, but I know it might get difficult again some time in the next few weeks as I've read that many people get an increase in cravings around the 3 month mark?

Lauren :)

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Congratulations Lauren!

I don't think people necessarily find it harder around 3 months. Although I think that there is a common problem that can crop up: You spend the first few weeks battling triggers every day, so you're kind of prepared for it. As you settle into your quit the regular triggers (like your end of the day drive home smoke!) are no longer a problem. So you go for longer stretches without a pang. But then situations can crop up that you don't encounter so often, like - I dunno - first visit to the doctor's since you quit. First big night out. Big argument with your partner, or whatever. These can set off a prompt to smoke which can really take the wind out of your sails, and can feel all the more strong because you're becoming accustomed to life without that feeling. When this happens I think some quitters can crumble, because they think sh1t, it's been three months, I ought to be alright now, clearly I'm going to feel like this forever, it's just not worth it...

But I think if you are prepared for the fact that these moments will crop up now and then - and recognise that they're just another trigger, which can be overcome - you'll be fine. The longer you go, the fewer prompts to smoke you encounter, until you are entirely free. Just keep making that choice not to smoke today!

Enjoy your new room. Hope there are tea and coffee making facilities and a complementary mint :)



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