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8 months Aitch

Aitch has now been quit 8 months on the 1st of this month and I have been quit 8 months on Friday. (there was only 30 days in September) Dont know if that matters?

Just thought I would share that milestone as Aitch is being really quiet at the moment so if he wont blow his own trumpet I will.:D

I have done this through help and support from this forum and its wonderful members:)

All you Stoptobers take heart if we can do it so can you!:)

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Haze and Aitch. Two of my very favourite people. 8 months! Wow. You two are deffo penthouse bound. Bloody well done my lovelies. x


Ahhhh thanks for that Haze, as you said I was keeping this one quiet but now you have blown my modesty all I can say is well to you too. Not only for your 8 months but also for your never failing support.

and Dippy you are about to hit 5 months, it only seems like a few weeks since you started posting. I always imagine you zipping round on the best bike in England ( possibly ) sort of a Nippy Egg

Well done both


We can have a great party when we reach the penthouse! Cant wait!:D


and fireworks



Oooh, congratulations for 8 months... and also for Dippy for 5 months!!!


Congrats Aitch even know i'm trying to figure out how to pronounce your username after all these months.:)


Well done Haze and Aitch, two thirds of the way to the Penthouse! :D

Rogue, it's pronounced like the letter H, when you drop the H - if that makes sense :p


Yes Capitan is perfectly correct. It is because my real name begins with a "H" and a lot of people call me "H"

Thanks for all the congrats


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