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New to Forum. Day 24


My name is Fiona and I have recently ended a long term relationship with Mr. S. Cut.

Quit smoking just over three weeks ago (9 Sept) with the help of patches,

reading the posts on this excellent forum, and encouragement from my family. I am doing relatively OK so far, but have been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Just taking it one step at a time and gradually discovering that what started out as a difficult task is now becoming an enjoyable challenge.

I started a thread in General, but guess I'm maybe in Month 1?

Fi x

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I was sure I just answered this post?:confused:


Nicely done, Fiona!

Welcome to the forums. Lovely to have you here.

And congratulations on 24 days! That's just awesome!

I'm right behind you.... 10 more hours before 24 day mark.

Keep fighting the good fight.




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