Know your enemy

I'm in a bit of a rambling mood so I apologise in advance for any nonsensical items in my late(ish) night ramblings.

I've been thinking back on previous quits that failed and tried to work out what was different about this quit (which WONT fail). And my conclusion to all my ruminating is that the difference is knowledge. Knowledge leads to insight and having insight is empowering as it gives you the tools, in your own head, to succesfully kick the nasty horrible addiction and habit once and for all.

So my tip is, and I'm sure this will be written all over this form in posts over the years since it's been running... but here goes... Equip yourself with knowledge. Knowledge and insight allow you to know your enemy and therefore provide you with the tools to overcome 'him' (I seem to have turned my addiction monster into a 'he' curious !).

Read books on quitting. Read the posts on this forum (since joining I have spent lots of time reading of the experiences of other quitters at different stages of the quitting process) and pick up some fabulously spot tips, advice and support. Listen to your cravings... look at them (metaphorically of course) and examine them closely. When did they crop up? How strong? Don't hide from cravings - look them in the eye and slap them down.

In previous quits I always tried to forget about smoking and tried not to think about it. That was a big mistake because there is no way you can forget about smoking when you're quitting (unless you had a general anaesthetic!)

I have made this quit into a survival project. I am now beginning to go long periods of time throughout the day accidentally not thinking about smoking or quitting smoking. In fact there are times that I completely forget that I used to smoke. All because I haven't tried to not think about it.

Embrace your quit as if your life depended on it - because actually it does!

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  • Yes it has been mentioned previously on the forum but some things just can't be stressed enough.

    We might get an influx of Stoptober quitters and they need to know it too; you can't expect everyone to trawl through old posts continually.

    I will add my own small ingredients to the marvellous recipe. :)

  • couldnt agree more lauren. great post.

    That's how i am approaching my quit and it is working great for me. I am facing it head on and not avoiding anything. I am recognising every feeling and thought i have and dealing with them. I will go as far as t say that I was actually looking forward to the craves in the initial days of my quit. I genuinely think that because of that i am not getting any craves at all now. not one. I think my subconscious has given up because it knows that it has no chance of becoming the prominent force over my waking conscious mind. its futile to try.

    dare i say it, i think it is easy when you approach it with knowledge.

  • I wish, like Facebook, this forum had a big old LIKE button for posts because this one is (as you Brits say), Brilliant!!!

  • lauren... THANK YOU!!! This is my 4th attempt and using Stoptober to jump on the bandwagon with everybody else ...I, in the past tried to change what I did and when I done it.. forcing myself to not think about it...someone mentioned that may not be a good idea in response to one of my day 1 posts etc...reading this and along with what happened at work today does prove fronting up to the little git ( the craving) and slapping it in the face head on works!!!

    The last 3 (failed ) times I hid away from it, it people were smoking I would walk away at work the girls went outside for their normal smoke 4 times and the last time I went out too for fresh air... and it worked better standing there with them smelling that stench than hiding in the salon wishing I was out there with them... I won that round!!! Craving 0 - Me 1 yayyy lol

    onwards and upwards!!! :D there will be no 5th time of quitting! THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bumping thread.... this is a good one to read for those just beginning their quit.

  • How well do you think e-cigs help those trying to quit?

    They'll help someone quit just like Mayfair help you quit Marlboro or Amber Leaf helps you quit Mayfair.

    They'll stop you buying and smoking tobacco filled paper tubes but they can simply become interchangeable.

  • I have just been reading a thread on another forum which isn't quitting smoking connected. There are lots of people there who have quit using an e-cig. As long as you can cut down to zero nicotine capsules you could do it. I bought one a few weeks ago out of interest. It didn't make me feel I was smoking. The only thing it had going for it was playing with it in my hand. I can do the same with my old inhalator without any nicotine in it.

  • They'll help someone quit just like Mayfair help you quit Marlboro or Amber Leaf helps you quit Mayfair.

    They'll stop you buying and smoking tobacco filled paper tubes but they can simply become interchangeable.

    That's ridiculous. Utterly wrong. Amber Leaf got me off Lambert & Butler ;)

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