No Smoking Day
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Hello, new here & fed up

Hiya Guys,

Firstly thanks for letting me mooch about (aka wallow) in your experiences, misery loves company eh,

Well Ive smoked for just short of 23 years on and off - pretty bad considering im only 36, and I had my last cig thursday lunchtime.

Im trying champix this time (i hate them the sickness the sleepyness the wierd dreams and the fact i cant eat dairy milk anymore) but they work (prob because i feel so pooey that i cant face a smoke),

But today im fed up, ive quit at a stressful time as the non stressful times attempts fell apart the second i was remotely frazzled (and not really been fussed about not smoking so far, even had a chance to say thanks but no thanks when my boss offered me one of hers and an illicit break!)

Today I could cheerfully swing for someone, ive bitten my tongue so many times im amazed the tip is still there, - is this normal? Does it pass? The rational part of me is saying whoa theyve not done anything wrong apart from be as stupid as they are every day! The other 99% wants to prod that 1% buttock and carry on with the stupid ppl.

Sorry first post is so gloomy, but my never smoked and delighted im really having a good go at stopping, OH, just says "just dont buy any and you'll be ok" (having said this i know he has an open 10 deck under his old socks in the left hand draw in our bedroom, why i dont know but even they hold no appeal!) when quite frankly i could rip his head off for breathing right now, because he's not making me feel happier, Praying its the N daemon trying to make me quit quitting and not a lasting feeling.

Laters xx

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Keep going lovely Mama,

The feelings are quite normal and is just your body repairing itself after all of those years that you've beemn poisoning it.

It gets better fairly quickly, although those first couple of days dont half draaaag.

Dont give up and dont kill the OH, you may regret it later!!

You'll be fine... there'd be less people in the later rooms if it didn't!



thanks zozie, first real smile of the day - may regret it later !


Awww bless you chick!

Feel free to rant too i and others have managed some corkers..... while cross last night i was off on a rant about fairytale characters... 7 dwarves in the month 2 room, make time to giggle.

Helps to read others posts and realise that your not on your own.

Stopping smoking is a tough decision, and shows that your not weak and that you can do it. Rock on lady! We're all here for each other :D


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