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hi from newguy! day 7 tmmrw

hi all, decided to quit last tuesday evening ( odd i know) am 39 and been on 15-20 a day since i was 15 or so. prtner quit last year, hes done great, booked 3 days leave, cold turkey, vast amounts of water, detox tea, vitamins,pomegranate juice etc! put a cig out leaving work and didnt light up again.... was hellish.... though am starting to feel less like my heads in a bag of bubble wrap!! noy used patches or anything else.....quit for 9 months before but only did it after being nagged! this time feels different... though currently feel...

bit lost


bloated as hell!! lol

and slightly energyless!! am assuming ass this will pass, cravinga are mangeable....darent try a beer yet!!!

hows verone else holding up?

chris x

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Hi chris and welcome. Nice one for quitting. It'll no doubt be an unpredictable journey so make sure you keep talking on here. There are some amazing folk on this forum who can share their experiences with you. I'm on day 8 and don't think I'd have got this far without it.

I'm doing really well and am very happy. I am CT which is working for me.

Good luck and again, welcome aboard!



cheers, certainly was a struggle back at work but hey!! odd things happening to body though oooer lol!!


Hey Chris, good morning to you and welcome to the forum...Cold TRurky eh, hard core ;-) im on good old champix and doing great 5 weeks in but, let me tell you a few things to expect. What your feeling now is totally normal, the biggest part for me to get a frip of was the as you said it " feeling lost" that emptiness, not yourself, was always my reason to get back on the cigs, i always thought " i hate the way i have become" a soul less person, no patience, angy, no emotion blar blar blar when im a very happy positive upbeat person normally. Let me tell you after about 2 weeks it goes, you will be back to your former self its just your body adjusting, you will have more to come. Alcohol ? go for it, if your a true stopper it wont effect you, dont let it! DONOT change your routine no matter how hard it is, you need to continue your normal lifestyle, pubs, clubs, resatuarants everything, the minute you stop is the minute you not only start to miss the cigs but feel your missing out and double your pressure. The quicker you continue your routine with out cigs the quicker your mind adjusts to it! I have continued going outside for smoke breaks ( even on my own if no one going ) as I love getting away from desk at work, why should i stop as i dont smoke ? ) I love having a glass of wine in the beer garden on thje odd lunch break or drink after work or a bottole or two on a weekend ( im not an aolcoholic ) lol so i continued it... now the biggest test was last sat ( not the one just past ) i drank 4 bottles of wine having a marathon catch up with a friend i never saw or spoke to for 6 months, it was a planned evening and i cant remember drinking the third or forth but anyways there was 400 cigs in my kitchen as my partner smokes and I never had one, no temtation nothing. Believe me mate it goes away, it just takes time. I have through myself in the fire on this quit, not everyone the same but i know what im like where my failures were from past attempts and had to face them full on otherwise i knew i would end up back on them.

Im not sure if this is some help or not but this is my expereince and if it helps just one person them great!

keep going mate, cold turky is the tuffest way to do this but also the quickest way to adjust. My Champix just take the edge of the withdrawal but ultimatley its your wilpower that will keep you off it:-)

get exercising, some vitamin B ect this will help counteract the withdrawal and boost your imune.

be prepared for when that horrid feeling comes your way out the blue, just breath keep clear head walk AWAY from the situation your in and it wil lpass in seconds :-)



Hi Chris and welcome to the forum :)

Well done on getting to day 7 some side effects to quitting are not pleasant but they will pass sipping water will help to keep you hydrated and trying to keep a positive mindset will help with the mind games reading and posting on here will help too




Hi Chris,

You're doing awesomely well! I'm looking at day 7 tomorrow and understand the 'a bit lost' comment... when something becomes part of your routine then it is quite jarring when it's no longer there. Even if you never liked it, a change from the norm is unsettling. Keep it up though, you're really missing nothing you need :)



Welcome and congrats on your decision to quit. It is probably the best decision you will ever make in your life.

Derek has said some good words. Be prepared for the hard times but celebrate the achievements. You will quickly build a massive support network here and you will develop some real friendships. If you are going through something then ask about it because chances are at least one person will have went through it here.

Look forward to keeping up to date with your quit as you enter week 2.


thanks... tough day today

struggled a bit today, fed up with being bloated and feeling tired, and craved oke mad at home tonight so ended up watering the plants and playing throw the squeaky phesant at the basset hound!!!

but week one done..... fron pas experience this was always a bit of a hurdle for me...looking forward to my dog walk tommorow morning at ,6am, dreaded it today as knew id want a fag as soon as i stepped out....took a ball instead and chucked it around the park and ran round with the dog..... dont know about needing a fag but needing oxygen!!!

onwards and circulations feeling better though thats for sure,




Thing 1. Well done Chris.

Thing 2. Can I play throw the squeaky pheasant at the basset hound? Sounds mint :)

Thing 3. Bet it'll feel a bit better for you tomorrow.


Hi Chris.Im a newbie too.I gave up on the same day as you.Weve done A WEEK! I cant believe it.Stick with it Chris the cravings will lessen with time.They may seem strong at the moment but if you were to have a fag now you would see just how much stronger the craving becomes.Break the chain! In truth people smoke to take the craving away.How much better and freer you will be when youve broken that chain and the time is now.All the best.Am rooting for you.Sue.


Well done!

Well done Chris, we are all rooting for you keep on keeping on it is so worth it and you can do can!:)


Nice one chris, you are doing brilliantly mate. Me and you are the cold turkey kings. Keep yourself busy and remember why you quit.

Its mad to crave and pine for something you dont want.



Oh and Dippy, that post made me laugh - - a lot! thanks.


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