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No Smoking Day
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The first week almost done!!

Well, that's 6 days done. Just got Saturday to go and I've done the first week.

First 3 days were very hard I'd say. Feeling very dizzy, lots of anxiety and bad depression, I was getting really bad, black thoughts.

Now the anxiety and depression have faded right off. The dizzy spells have gone, and I'm going along nicely now :)

I still get one or two panic moments in a day I'd say. Moments where I think "I just can't do this". After 10 or 15 mins, they have gone and I feel OK again.

Thanks for the help on here everybody, I look forward to motoring on and helping and encouraging other people :)

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Also interested to hear how Shellyinstoke, showmeonthedoll and Una are getting on?

You all seem to be at a similar stage to me and doing well :)


Well done ETS. Thats absolutely the worst of it over with now. From here on you're just going to think about fags less and less until you suddently realise you havent thought about them at all. :)


Well done ETS!!!

You made it through the biggest hurdle already! I'm not going to say it's all easy now, but you're definitely on the right track towards a huge success!



Thanks everyone!

Saturday done. Start of week 2 tomorrow!

Being it on!!


Week 2 is going to be a whole lot better than week 1. I go into week 10 tomorrow/today and I'm loving it :D:D:D


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