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day "zero", day 5 on champix

Hello everybody. I am native Italian (Rome) and I excuse myself for my English.

Here is my story.

I am 39, been smoking 25 sigs per day until I was 32 (began when I was 17) than was able to reduce to no more than 3 sigs because I converted myself to running, which I adored so much that I really did not feel the desire to smoke anymore 25 sigs per day.

BUT i really did want those 3 sigs per day, could not give them up.

When I stopped running (2009), I began to "smoke" electronic sigarette (with nicotine), plus the usual 3 sigs per day.

From 2012 I smoke 10 sigs per day (gave up electronic sigarette).

I hate the craving. It is compulsive and have never been able to handle it.

I obviously did try, but now I decided to use Champix, to help me deal with the cravings

I am on day 5 of Champix(followed by a doctor) No side effects at all (to those who are taking it as well I suggest to EAT before taking it to avoid nausea and to take the second pill no later than tea time in order not to interfere with nightsleep)

My quitting day should be Aug 15

I smoked on day one and on day two

On day 3 and 4 I smoked ONE sig.

Same this morning....I HAD to smoke and went to the shop to buy a 10 sig pack Just could not resist. It has been so compulsive.

With champix I can handle the craving for the other 9 sigs I used to smoke, but still absolutely need and want the ONE sig I still smoke (which than meakes me desire the second one as well, but I resist, in order not to want a third one as well)

To those who are using champix, I have the feeling that the side effects will be worse if you smoke too much while on it

I believe champix can be of great help BUT MOTIVATION is absolutely necessary.

I read Allen Carr but I do not FULLY agree with him because nicotine is an alkaloid and because in a sigarette there are other substances which give also physical addiction (e.g. anti depressive stuff).

And I also believe that everyone has a special psycological reason to smoke. Speaking for myslef, I NEED to smoke when I am very sad. And I do feel less sad after I smoked.

Maybe I have a wrong view of smoking?!

Well, I hope really this time I will be definitely off sigs, also because taking champix is for me an extreme measure ( I have an adversion for medicines, especially for those which deal with the psyke) even though I have the feeling that I still need to work on the MOTIVATIONAL SIDE. If I don't strengthen that side, than I fear champix will not work and will be back to smoking after quitting it.

Hope this forum will help!!!

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Hi Sally,

I don't think you have a wrong view of smoking at all. The hardest part to quitting is the psychological addiction (some people may disagree, especially for the first three days). For some people, that addiction lasts for months, years, or even a lifetime. My brother-in-law who quit in 1999 recently told me that he would love to be able to smoke again, but he doesn't because he is managing his addiction.

I think it really depends on your ability to challenge your own psyche and understand where you fall on the line of addiction. For me, I thought I was a completely addicted smoker, smoking upwards of 50 a day without even thinking about it. One day I was hospitalized, and a couple of weeks later my views on smoking had radically changed. I no longer see smoking as desirable because of what it did to me. But, I also understand my brother-in-law because he quit before anything went wrong.

I think you will find people on either side of the psychological fence, and some people sitting right on top of it. Whichever way you look at it, you need to take the approach that suits you best, because there is no doubt that by continuing to smoke, people are greatly increasing their risk of health complications at some point down the road.

Sorry if that was somewhat of a lecture. I just meant that I see where you're coming from and I wish you all the best with your quit!



Hi Alex. no lecture at all, but good advice. I fully agree with you when you say it really depends on your ability to challenge your own psyche and understand where you fall on the line of addiction-

I hope I will be able to figure it out and QUIT!


Most of it is mental!!

Yes most is in the mind..I will commend you on the reduction of smokes.

I could not even do that! I suggest tho, try the lozenges..under the tongue.

I did so, and that was it for me...I could get thru anything with them.

1/2 was enough..I got my fix and could continue living! LOL! We all

have to find our way, and what works for us...this might not be for you,

my suggestion that is, so search a bit... Good luck! :D


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