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Anyone in a similar situation?

I’ll just give you a brief overview to start with. I’ve been smoking since I was 14 (23 in Oct) and I started smoking 10 a day and then it crept up to 20 and I’ve tried to quit SO many times I have tried it all; hypnotherapy, Allan Carr, patches, gum, inhalator, lozenges, spray, cold turkey, champix. Now I quit for 9 months last year using champix and it was brilliant but I got cocky further down the line on a night out around xmas and thought I could handle just having one at the pub. Turns out it was just a slope back into smoking world.

After that I was on 10 a day, better than 20 but terrible after being quit for so long. I’ve tried patches and the inhalator since then to no avail. I’m back on champix and I’m still getting cravings (on my 4th week now) and I had a meal last night and bought fags afterwards. And pretty much every time I drink I’m smoking again. It’s really annoying as the last time I used champix I had no desire whatsoever but to quit so I’m not sure if it’s my antidepressants interfering with champix this second time around as the first time I wasn’t taking them.

Anyone had a similar situation?

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Hi Natalie,

I think to a degree your situation is similar to many, even removing the antidepressants. I think I nailed it on my 4th attempt in the end and from my experience it's all to do with mindsets. I had 2 good quits that were > that 6 weeks. Like you I got cocky on the first, second I was stupid. Just gone a year and smoking couldn't be further from my mind. I've learned my mistakes and know there can be no going back (e.g. there's no such thing as 1).

Chip away at the habits such as smoking with a drink, set yourself some targets and see how you go. If your heart isn't quite in it then I believe there's no point in quitting (GASP!). If you're not there in your head then I think it can only head to a kick in the teeth and disappointment.


If your heart isn't quite in it then I believe there's no point in quitting...

Works for me, every time.

Achieving the change of heart is the goal but it contradicts nearly everything that novice quitters are (mis) lead to believe.

Quitting is a doddle when you've no wish to smoke. :)


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