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8 weeks today :)

Can't believe it's 8 weeks today since my last cig (woohoo) It's annoying that if I had kept my March 13th quit it'd be nearly 5 months but on the bright side I only smoked for 3 weeks in May (before I saw sense again!) so really I have only smoked for 3 weeks in the last 5 months Not bad for a 30 a day chain smoker who smoked for 34 years What I have learned this time is not to have even one drag, I know I'd be right back to square one if I did so no way NEVER...

I've had a really stressful time while giving up so I know people with stress can give up smoking - we just choose not to because we think we can't cope or get through life without it (I did all that, made all the excuses ) But the things i've been through in the last few months have proved to me that that I can get through it all without smoking - even though there are times i'm going crazy with worry & stress, I know that smoking won't take my problems away...

3 cheers for all of us & to all the June quitters hip hip hooray

Stay strong,

Denise x

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Thats a great post to be reading even if you did try and confuse me :eek:

by posting it twice hehe but hey it dont take much :rolleyes:

onwards and upwards is the way to go Denise

you have achieved so much


Thanks Carol :)

Sorry for confusing you, i'm constantly confused :confused: :D I tried to delete the other post but I can't grrrr, boo, hiss!!

Denise x


Keep rocking that awesome quit Denise! Stress or not, it can definitely be tough at times. June quitters are amazingly resilient and have their feet firmly planted it seems! 8 weeks is something to be very proud of for sure!



Well done Denise !!!!

8 weeks today for me too



I'm 8 weeks today too. Nearly 2 whole months for The June Quitters :cool:


Well done

Well done to all the June quitters! Youare all well on your way now.:)


Well done:d


Double Wammy for you

Hey Denise,

CONGRATULATIONS!'re doing great, keep it up!...I hope to be where you are soon and you'll be 12 weeks smoke free by then!

My dad was a chain-smoker, smoked in every room in the house and I couldn't stand it! when my mum found out that I took up smoking in my late teens, she asked me why I started and my reason was the stress of A' Levels and all I remember my mum saying to me was..."so... after a cigarette, does the stress go away?". Of course it doesn't...!! The stress will always be there regardless, but giving in to 'just one' could lead to so much more unnecessary stress in our lives, it's really not worth it.

Once again, well done you! We're all gold medalists on here!:D

Mimi x


Well done Denise :)

Try not to beat yourself up though over your old quit date of March 13th as it will bug you. Look on the bright side of this as i'm now well ahead of you, good eh girl :D

Keep fighting x


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