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Knock Knock ... can I come in please?

Hello All

Sorry I’m late, I’ve been on holiday.

Congratulations and well done to everyone with their quits. I really wish I had the time to reply to posts from whilst I’ve been away, but there’s a few too many to catch up on! So well done to all! :)

It’s lovely to be in a shiny new room. Whilst on my first ever smoke free holiday, I passed through 3 calendar months since my last ciggie. It was great not to be chained to them on holiday, and LOTS easier than I was expecting, which was a fantastic bonus, especially as I’d been having a horrible time at around 11 weeks. :(

I even bought 400 from duty free on the outbound journey for our neighbour who looks after the house and cat whilst we’re away. DH thought it was a terrible idea to buy them on the way out, but I said it would be a good test of my resolve. So I told him he could use any means necessary to stop me from lighting one should I even attempt to! Stating the obvious, I didn’t of course!

I'm not complacent, and I know I have to keep my guard up to deal with future challenges I know I will still face. But the strength to stay quit grows as every day goes by, and shaking off those tough times does get easier. This makes me feel like the worst of the worst could now be behind me - hope I'm right! :D

Best wishes to all. :D

Shazza x

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Welcome back Shazza

Welcome back! I am so glad you had a good holiday and you didn't miss the fags. I have just booked a few days in Eastbourne (not because I am a pensioner) I have to go on business and the last time I went I was a smoker. This will be a test for me. You have done brill Shazza you have never wavered and have always been positive congrats! Good to have you back:)


Eastbourne is quite nice. It's well known as a retirement place down this way.


I nearly forgot - how rude of me not to congratulate Shaz on here achievement.

Well done girl -way to go :)


Eastbourne is quite nice. It's well known as a retirement place down this way.

Love Eastbourne Rogue! Cant wait, but you have to say there are a lot of (older) people there!


Thanks Haze and Rogue. And yes, I believe Eastbourne is indeed the Retirement Capital of the South East. Lots of old people, Haze excluded of course! ;) :D


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