Bad mood

:( woke up in a terrible and irritable mood today kept thinking about smoking last night.. So went to bed couldn't sleep so took a sleeping pill that made me dream about fags.. So today as well as me patch I'm chewing NRT gum as got calm down b4 family get here for a big Sunday dinner I'm cookin. And I'm off out to meet friends tonight that most ov um smoke do its gonba be a challange.. Just wanna go back bed.. Rant over lol

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  • Shelly

    Those smoking dreams can certainly be a pain and they do lower the spirits but we can't let a silly dream beat us. So yes come on here and rant we all know where you are coming from. Hopefully tomorrow will be better so stay strong and stay quit


  • Thanks just bin for a walk got sum new plants for garden but still feel like bloody crying and going bed.. Must be a Sunday thing as felt like this last week too.. Just wish this sadness Wud pass

  • It will. it can feel a bit like you are in mourning at first but believe me that goes away, you will start to feel better soon I promise.:)

  • Well I servived the Sunday blues and didn't smoke.. I even went out had a few drinks and didn't smoke.. And for sun reason I didn't realise that one of my friends had quit smoking for a year... :confused: even tho he sat out side with me loads of times when I was smoking.. But feel great today and will be picking up my lower I think 10 mg patches 16 hr ones tomora.. Eek..

  • Yay!

    Go Shelly, you sound a lot better today :)

  • I don't think having PMS has helped me.. Lol..

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