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One Month FREE of the Evils (first visit to this site too)


Yep my husband called them 'The Evils' - didn't harrass me much overall but this description thrown in every now and then has stuck now I'm ONE MONTH FREE ! Am also a first timer in 'posting a thread' so double excitement!

So my story- i did it cold turkey this time - 3rd time lucky I KNOW. Have been on a rollercoaster ride of emotions... my poor hubby still doing very well in coping with my erratic behaviour and sweet emerging tooth which wasn't there before. Anyway am still waiting for this amazing health feeling to kick in! I haven't coughed or got sick or anthing like that.. i just felt slightly 'heartburny' at times so not too bad physically (after the first 5 days anyway) - the cravings were definately there and popcorn helped me through quite a lot?? bizarre but orally pleasing (without too many calories i guess)

After one month i fantasise about having a ciggie(and dream it too) - but the waking thought of actually lighting the stick in my mouth and breathing in the fumes is starting to look like a pretty silly thing to do - am trying to look at other smokers (while holding my breath) and thinking that they are just drug addicts (as was I) - so gaining some strengh from that. The cravings have dropped a little now after a month so please tell me it gets easier and easier as time goes by>>?? This site has been a great help - have been reading all morning so THANKYOU other wonderful quitters - stay strong. Its got to be the best personal decision we've made in a long time huh?

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Hi Sally :)

First of all welcome to the forum

and second :D


your already seeing some of the benefits to quitting and things do get better the further along you go

you will still get craves as at the end of the day smoking has been abig part of your life so its natural but they do get weaker and as long as you keep thinking it will pass i am not going to give in you will do fine

have you been saving the money you would have spent? and if so have you treated yourself to something really nice as you certainly deserve a treat and maybe one for your hubby too :p

keep reading and posting on here there are plenty of help to be found

onwards and upwards is the way to go :)

regards Carol

Welcome Sally and well done so far.

Look forward to sharing your experiences on this journey of ours:)

Yayyyyy well done sally :) I'm 4 days away from a month - think this is my 5th or 6th quit but this time I know it's my final quit, it feels different & i'm not blowing it again!

We are healthy, woohooooo :D

Denise x

Well done

Hi Sally welcome to the forum and well done on being quit for a month. :) You nwill get lots of advice and support on here!:)

Thanks supporters

Hey there everyone who wrote... It's now week 6 and am feeling so so very proud of my strength... Still haven't purged or got sick ... Maybe my swimming helped to keep lungs a bit cleaner? 20 fags a day though for about 15 yrs was a tough cycle to break. I don't want to smoke anymore. This is my mantra..I now believe it myself which is why it's easier this attempt I do believe it's mainly in the mind this crazy addiction and we can train ourselves out of it... ..even though others smoking still smells ok. I now try and only breathe through my mouth when I see someone smoking near me, and try to feel sorry for them having to stop what they are doing, remove themselves from the area and go and get all stinky ... Did we really wanna do that?? It seems soo crazy now ... Anyway reading this site once you decide to stop forever is a great support.


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