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No Smoking Day
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Nicorette Inhalator

Thanks to Denise, I got one of these this morning. I can't believe how well it works. I was facing another panicky day and trying to stay positive. I haven't panicked once. I never expected it to work at all and it has proved me wrong. I'm sorry I bought the small pack and I have no idea how long the cartridges will last so I ordered more online :-)

I will update this thread to let others know how it is working and how much I need to use it.

Now how do I quit the habit of trying to flick non existent ash into an ashtray that isn't there.

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Where do you live? If you live in the UK all of these are free

They will only give Niquitin products.

Hi Una!

I'm getting my Nicorette inhalators on prescription via the Smoking Cessation Nurse at my Doctor's surgery.

Might be worth a phone call to your Docs?

Hi Una,

Hope that the inhalator does the trick for you and helps you over the worst 'bits'.

I have been to smoking cessation clinics at my doctors, Tesco Pharmacy and an independant pharmacy and they all gave prescriptions for whatever brand and product you wanted so would be worth checking them all out. Yes, I have tried a few times :eek:;)


It's my doctors surgery that only gives Niquitin. I suppose different parts of the country give different products. I tried to get Nicorette patches but they would only give me Niquitin. Doesn't matter because I've got plenty anyway :-)

Just to let everyone know that I'm doing good on the inhalator. I haven't craved a cigarette all day and my disposition has improved accordingly. Haven't even had a mood swing. I know the night is early but as of 6 pm I am now on Day 4.

When I brought the inhalator home I was puffing away like mad all the time but things have calmed down and I only pick it up occasionally. Still look for an ashtray :-) It says on the pack you can use 12 cartridges a day. I would think that's very hard to do. Wondering how I know when the cartridge is empty. Don't suppose it matters.

Hi Una, so glad you've managed to find something to stop the craves :)

I've been using mine a lot today & the cartridges seem to last a couple of days... I've got one with a cartridge in for my mad craving moments & one without a cartridge in that I hold for comfort & the odd puff of air!! Sounds mad but it's working so all good :D

Denise x

Hi Denise, Hope I don't get hooked on it :-) Perhaps that isn't funny :-(

hey una

well done my inhalator was brilliant worked for me so so well i found i used it loads to start with then just used it less and less over time

i liked the way it gave you the hit on the back of my throat i used to miss that from when i used to smoke sad i know but i did miss that feeling

i wished i had used it sooner think i was about 6 weeks in it would have made my early days so much easier

well done


Hi Boo,

Same with me. I missed that hit at the back of my throat. I'm glad I found it now it is making a big difference to my outlook. Hope I can do as well as you.

oh you will do brill una you sound as happy as i did when i first got mine

keep that inhalator with you i got them free at my doctors so had three in the end one at home one in the car and one in my bag so i always had one with me where ever i went i would highly reccommend it to anyone

i am real happy for you


I am really happy about finding it. Worst thing is I found a packet of them in a drawer a few weeks ago and it hadn't been opened. I checked tonight and they expired in 2000. I remember buying them but never even tried them. Perhaps I can sell them as antiques :-)

lol yeah anything that goes on ebay with the words RARE or VINTAGE sells for twice what its worth

maybe the ebay listing should say on sale some very rare year 2000 inhaltors vintage model make me an offer


Just reading posts about inhalators. This is a old post but hey i still like to say hello. Im quitting again. Day 2 on my inhalator :))

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