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7 months and stopped counting


Just glanced at my quit meter quite by chance, it informs me that im 7mths quit.no fireworks , fanfare or euphoria and no desire to smoke whatsoever. i think about the fact that iv quit most days. it feels normal not to smoke, the obsession has gone. Like i say ,i remind myself everyday that i dont smoke. why. iv no idea.. i pop on here occasionally to give support and reading through posts im reminded of the struggle that was mine and is now someone elses, its good to know that iv learned so much and can now pass it on in full knowledge that its not bullshit just plain old wisdom that u just cant keep quiet about. Im very pleased to have made it so far and hope all those on this road get to the place theyve hoped for . It is so do-able and takes u beyond your wildest imaginings.

All the best.:cool: Mash x

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Well done Mash , i cant wait too be were you are mate :D x

Well done Mash, you are doing really well.

You are right it does get easier and it is normal to think as a non smoker.


Good solid work Mash.

Great post, Mash.

I think that those who hang around here and use the forum on a regular basis to support their quit (whether they post regularly or not), feel, in a way, sort of 'connected' to those who are quitting at or around the same time.

I joined not long after you, and have followed your journey - you've been so generous with your thoughts and posts, and it's so inspiring to hear that you've reached a happier, more contented place where both mind and body are happy without the 'crutch' we thought we needed and wanted and enjoyed so much.

Your journey is all the more convincing and helpful to relate to because it's taken you to some pretty crappy places along the way, which you've shared, and yet here you are .... feelilng good as a NON SMOKER.

Bloody well done. And thank you.



Well done Mash!!!

Seven months is the time when you've been through all the big threes, so you should be sailing toward the penthouse now. Good on you!


Well done mash! That is fantastic. I too can't wait until I get to 7 months.:D

Splendiferous and wonderful Mash. Proud of you xxxxxxx

A big well done Mash - 7 months and not even noticing - did you ever think that would happen?

Great feeling isn't it!

Big pat on the back - did you feel it?

How inspiring - I love posts like that :)

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