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Day 11 and wondering??

I am wondering because apart from the first 3 days, this quit just seems to be going too well. Sure, I have had craves, but not the chew your own leg off for a smoke craves. I am a lot calmer than I have been on previous quits, apart from today when my internet connection went down and I yelled at the puta and called it a stoopid piece of plastic, so I nipped out to the shop, but there was no question of me buying any smokes.

So what is going on :confused:?? Maybe something has finally clicked in my head, I don't know. My main concern though, is that its only the Champix holding me together, and when I stop taking them all hell will break loose and I will end up face down in an ashtray :eek:. I would like to think there is something of me in this quit, but when I started missing out Champix before, I failed my quits, although there were other big triggers involved.

And if I am contented not smoking today, I shouldn't really knock it should I? Just a bit scared that a whopping big craving is going to jump out at me and bite me on the bum when I am least expecting it :rolleyes:.

Sorry to ramble on :o,

Zoe xx

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I had the same question...

I was like you. First three days, yeah, it was tough. Then my quit moved into some smooth sailing, and I became almost complacent.

Unlike you, I am not using Champix, because I quit Cold Turkey.

Anyway, there I was, moving through the days, and then WHAM! I had a terrible, long-lasting, "should-have-been-on-day-one" kind of craving. Was it just yesterday? I think so... I've already begun to forget! :)

I do know I posted something about it.

I had to deal with it for a couple of hours at least, and on-again/off-again throughout the day.

But I did, and it finally went away, and I'm back on track, and I still haven't smoked.

All I can say is stay alert because it will probably sneak up on you when you least expect it. That's what happened to me.


DGee .. mine has lasted for 3 days :mad: but as long as I don't succumb then it's become a lesson in readjusting.

Zoe .. you're doing great! So .. you always this mental then? just joking :o)


zoe congrats

I to am finding it all strangely easy, here I am in week two! I think, like you I just got to that point where it just clicked!


Hi Zoe

Good to read your post. I have been sitting here reading peoples posts and thinking whats wrong with me, this is all too easy. I have actually started to feel a bit guilty at times because it all seems easier than it should. OK there have been times when a deep intake of breath and some will power have been needed, more so in the early days. I go to the pub and drink with no problem, although I must admit I have not taken cigs to the pub for years now even when I was on twenty a day. This was because none of my friends smoked and probably felt a bit stupid smoking. My daughter smokes and I have no problem with her smoking in front of me. She offered not to but when I am in her house I do not feel I should dictate to her what she can and can't do.

When I stopped I used 2 to 3 2mg gums per day. I stopped them a couple of weeks ago when I ran out. My only substitute now is food...whoops getting a bit bigger.

The only thing I can put this down to is, this time I have got my mind right. I feel positive , I have total belief that this time I will crack it, I feel so much better its almost untrue. And the money. Well £420 in 8 weeks

I think you have probably also found the right mind set. You should not be worrying about when you come off champix. The more you worry the harder you will make it for yourself. Just tell yourself that it will not be a problem and believe it.

The right mindset is more powerful than any drug you can take.

Believe in yourself. You will do it.




Knew I was doomed when I started this thread :mad: Just wanted to go to the shop but could I find my keys could I hell. And I am claustrophobic. Knew I had the damn fool things when I went out this afternoon, otherwise I wouldn't have been in the building lol :mad:. And they weren't in any of the obvious places where I usually keep them. So had a major meltdown, screaming fit the lot. Chucked some stuff out of the window, used foul language, kicked the door, yet another floor show for the neighbours. Eventually they turned up down the side of the chair. They did that on purpose to annoy me. So its goodbye calmness and hello quit rage. Grrrr.

And yes Suze, I am always this mental :(.

Didn't feel like a smoke but got the answer to my question. Yep, its only the Champix thats holding me together, and that really sucks.

Zoe xx


Thanks Aitch, your post made me feel better ;). Just sad to be back in the rages again, thought I had got over that :( xx


Things have the habit of turning up in the oddest of places. I couldn't find my moby today so called it with the house phone and it was engaged!?! .. thought the dog must be sitting on it in the car (she has a habit of meddling) but it wasn't there. It turned up in the bed - not the dog making a call but my OH who had been calling at that precise moment.

I'm feeling a bit dowally myself as you can probably tell and don't know whether to shout, laugh or cry.

Thankfully the crazy moments are balanced by positive ones such as Aitch's post. Back on the right track tomorrow! x


Today has been my best day of my quit to date. I have actually been singing and smiling. There's been a spring in my step all day. My thoughts and visions were very clear today.

Here's hoping it lasts for another couple of days yet.


Hey there Zoe why u harin around so, slow down dont let things get to you. If a major crave does come then treat it like all those other craves youve passed by. they get fewer and lose there teeth, then they start gumming you to death,



Hi Zoe

sorry to read your having abit of a rough time atm :( and feeling doubtful


just look at the positive side your into week 2 yippee

and its not the champix that got you there its you that is just an aid as you said before its not worked even when you have been taking that

its YOU YOU YOU that is doing this so stand tall big smile :D

and have some cake you deserve it :D

btw have you made any fab meals with the recipe site which doesnt include furniture yet ;)


My main concern though, is that its only the Champix holding me together, and when I stop taking them all hell will break loose and I will end up face down in an ashtray :eek:. I would like to think there is something of me in this quit, but when I started missing out Champix before, I failed my quits, although there were other big triggers involved.

Zoe xx

Zoe that's exactly how i'm feeling at the moment, i've cut down to one champix a day because I was feeling so sick but the cravings are coming back :mad: I'm taking 0.5mg morning & night from tomorrow when I collect my tablets (you're not supposed to break the 1mg one in half, so i'm told!) I really want to do it this time & like you I don't want it to be just the champix holding me together.

Good luck, we can do it :D


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