Week 2....Kind of!

Hi to all in Week 2. Not sure how you'll all feel about me being here because I'm sure my way of dealing with my addiction to smoking isn't everyone's cup of tea and no doubt there'll be those that will disagree and want to preach to me. Having tried Champix which did nothing whatsoever to help and various forms of NRT in the past with little success I've opted for the e-cigarette.

I know full well using such a thing doesn't deal with my nicotine addiction but it does deal with the addiction to all the other harmful chemicals. I'm most certainly not using it as much as I would normally smoke real cigarettes and I have noticed a definite change in my breathing which I am so happy about. I couldn't even run up the stairs without getting breathless a week ago and I'm not experiencing awful afternoon tiredness from smoking too much in the morning.

Soooo, I hope you'll all let me in :)

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  • Hi...well done!!.im using patches but having the odd drag on an e cig, im finding it does help but am thinking of swapping it for one of those inhalators next week when i eventually get to see the smoking nurse. Im really sure it doesnt matter what you use as long as it helps..x:D

  • Hi Ann,

    If using the e-cig is the best thing for you at the moment then go for it :) cos as you say, you are not getting all the other harmful chemicals, and you are not getting the carbon monoxide and the tar from it either. And the fact that your breathing is better is defo all good :D I tried an e-cig for a while and sure it helped with the cravings, but me being me I puffed on it too much and landed myself in hospital, not so good :o. But I'm sure you are more sensible than me and if its helping you to not smoke then that is good.

    All the best,

    Zoe xx

  • Keep up the good work Ann! Stoked for you hitting week 2!


  • Thanks everyone, I am pleased with myself. But like most people I'm taking it one day at a time. Zoe, what on earth were you doing with an e-cigarette to end up in hospital?

  • Hi Ann,

    I came across an italian restaurant owner who told me about the e-cigs so after trying other NRT thought I'd give them a go. What with prescriptions being free now (in Scotland anyway) I was determined that if I was going to fork out just short of £50 for them I would make this work.

    I'm on patches too but have cut those right down within 2 weeks probably just knowing that the e-cigs are there if I need them (even forgot to put the patch on today until 11 am lol) .

    I only have a puff of one every second day or so when I'm feeling particularly ratty - there is no way I would get addicted to them because they are pretty foul don't you think? Do you think they could be addictive?

    It's great that you have made the decision to quit - that's what's important and it's as much breaking the old habits that will make it work and the nicotine part will take care of itself (that's what I think anyway).

  • Suze, thank goodness there are others. I did feel as if I was cheating. Yes, they can be foul but I have some different flavours such as strawberry and cherry which are much more palatable. I won't go into the why's and wherefore's but it is possible to start reducing the level of nicotine in e-cigarettes and many people have successfully quit their nicotine addiction by doing this. The hand to mouth thing isn't too much of a problem for me thank goodness so I don't think I'll be using them for too long.

    Well done on your quitting route. :)

  • Well done Ann...and everyone else. Talking of e-cigs anyone seen pfaber around lately...hope you doing ok dude. Haven't seen you post lately.

    Lisa x

  • Ann, the reason I ended up in hospital was cos I was demonstrating the thing to friends too much and OD'd lol :rolleyes: Got chest pains, called NHS direct, and next thing I knew there was an ambulance after me lol :eek:. Luckily the pain was coming from my oesophagues, (sp) so no probs. Didn't really like the taste anyway cos what was supposed to be B & H flavour was more like pipe tobacco ewww!! Didn't know about cherry flavours etc, might have liked those :).

    Might as well stay with the Champix now as its doing its job, although I would use an e-cig again if it became necessary, just different flavours this time :).

    Zoe xx

  • Hi Anne, well done on 2 weeks - same as me :)

    I'm using champix this time, i've tried everything else... I still use my little inhalator though when I get an urge!! I don't think it matters what we use to start with as long as we don't smoke.


    2 weeks no cigs, saved £107.53 :D

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