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Smoking Dream

Well what do you know, out of the blue and smack in the face comes the most realistic smoking dream I have had in a long time. 2 weeks off 18 mths and last night I dreamt I fell off the wagon and smoked. I think its cos I have been craving lately, having the baby is very stressful and there have been numerous times I have thought, f*ck me I could do with a smoke, but I have just had the fleeting thought and moved on and then this dream last night was so real. I woke up thinking I had smoked, I even dreamed of coming on here and saying I had smoked.

Thought instead of ignoring it I should come here and post about it to take it out of my head if that makes sense.

sian xx

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Nope, it doesn't make any sense at all :D:D:D

Good to see you dropping in, and well done on your 18 months!!! Hard to believe, right?

Your dear ol' friend ;)



Well hello my old friend, just checking out your sig there, you sure you got your dates right ??? lol

How you doing Alex, keeping on the straight and narrow are you?


Hey Levs!

Nice to see you, it's been ages. Glad you're still quit!

The dream is probably just a manifestation of other stress. Your brain is just going through a bunch of worst-case scenarios, and these days, smoking is one of them.

Eighteen months is a rocking good quit. I hope you still indulge in feeling proud, because you should.

H x


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